C++ Quiz on Pointers

1. What do pointers hold?
    a) values
    b) functions
    c) addresses

2. How do you declare a pointer that will hold an integer type?
    a) int *p
    b) int &p
    c) int p

3. What symbol in C must be used to recieve the address of a variable?
    a) &
    b) %
    c) *

4. What is the correct way to assign the pointer p to the address of x?
    a) *p=&x
    b) p=%x
    c) p=&x

5. When using pointers in a function what must be sent to the function?
    a) variable
    b) value
    c) address of variable

6. True or false, a pointer int *p is declared, it is able to hold addresses of double type values as well.
    a) true
    b) false