C Quiz on Basics

1. What is this called, <stdio.h>?
    a) directive
    b) pre-processor directive
    c) file

2. What does <stdio.h> stand for?
    a) standard in and out
    b) standard inside outside header file
    c) standard input output header file

3. In int main(), what does the int stand for?
    a) integer
    b) initialize
    c) nothing

4. What is the correct way to print to the screen?
    a) printf(My first program\n);
    b) printf("My first program\n")
    c) printf("My first program\n");

5. What does the \n do?
    a) enters a new line
    b) prints to the screen \n
    c) does nothing

6. In the end of a program we must return and integer, what integer?
    a) 2
    b) 0
    c) 1

7. What does the pre-processor directive <stdio.h> allow us to use?
    a) printf
    b) return
    c) int main()