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Learn programming fast! The C and C++ languages are a great place to start, once you have a hold on these language you will have a core understanding of programming in general. Before you start ask yourself a few questions, are you the kind of person that can't just be satisfied with using a computer, your phone, or playing video games? That you must know how they work and what was done to make these works of art? Are you interested in building computer applications, your own video games, or just curious? If this is you, you have come to the right place. There are many languages in programming but the C base language have undoubtedly been a language of choice in the programming world. These lessons are intended for beginners who are new to learning the programming language C. Each tutorial will be broken down line by line in order to ensure understanding and keep complexity at a minimum. However, before you are able to do any programming you need an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). A compiler will allow you to translate your code into machine code, a set of ones and zeros that your computer can understand. If you already have a compiler good, if not watch this video for a quick tutorial on how to setup an awesome free compiler called code::blocks. At C for beginners you will find a wealth of tutorials, lessons, sample programs, and videos on the basics of programming with C. The website is constantly being updated so check back frequently. Also on User Manual website there are a lot of pdf manuals.